3 year old little Google girl

3 year old little Google girl

3 year old little Google girl

This release became popular as Google Girl, giving the answer in a sixth of an hour

Parents imparted worldwide knowledge to Hallarda Guy Witness, now she can answer complex answers in a matter of seconds
A three-year-old girl from Madhapar, Kutch, answers every question with the speed of Google.

The brain of a girl named Sakshi, a three-year-old from a family in Kutch, is embarrassing to youngsters to practice General Knowledge day and night.

Witness's mother Kiranben is not educated herself, but works hard for her daughter's education and wants to make her an IPS officer.

Rajendra Thakkar / Kutch: A three-year-old girl named Sakshi from Madhapar in Kutch has become famous as a little google girl. Witness every question and answer in seconds like Google. Information about the national symbol of any country, the currency of the country, the establishment of religion is in the mouth of this little girl. The Witness answers all questions in the Kaligheli language. As the witness's video went viral on social media, she has become a star on social media. Her parents have been instrumental in imparting this knowledge to the Witnesses. From an early age, Witnesses were introduced to songs that contained all this information. At a young age, his memory was so powerful that in just one year, he remembered the answers to the questions of the national bird, animals, the Prime Minister of the country, the Chief Minister of the state, the smallest country in the world. The father of the witness works in a private company. When the mother is a housewife. The parents want to make the witness an IPS officer.

Nature has endowed each person with a hidden virtue, which distinguishes them from others. The brain of a girl named Sakshi, a mere three-year-old from a family in Talent Kutch, is embarrassing the youth to gossip about General Knowledge day and night. He remembers an estimated more than a thousand public names and answers questions in about a sixth of an hour

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